Tournament system

10 things not to forget

  1. The tournament will be played based on the table tennis rules.
  2. The tournament will be played on Joola mini tables (90 x 45 cm). Playing surface is in the height of 76 cm above the floor. Players will use their own rackets. The shape, size and covering of racket is not resctricted.
  3. The tournament system will be defined by the organisers in advance. Every participant will play at least 10 matches during the tournament.
  4. The scoring system and change in service will be the same as in table tennis. The matches will be played on best of five games.
  5. The time limit for particular match is 20 minutes.
  6. Unlike in table tennis, it is not a let if the ball touches the net assembly.
  7. Moving of the table means lost of the point (as well as in table tennis).
  8. The player may not obstruct the other player to return the ball.
  9. The score will be calculated by players themselves. In case of issue they are able to ask for the refree. After each match the players pass the signed „Score sheet“ to the referee.
  10. The player should follow the Fair play rules at first.