Tripple Hall Karolina

Triple Hall Karolina is a historical area newly designed for the general public, who can discover a colourful programme here. It is a cultural monument, which due to its modern use creates a unique combination of the industrial heritage of Ostrava with new multi-functionality, beauty, energy and power. Originally home to machines and turbines, today visitors come here for sport, culture and other options for spending leisure time in a pleasant way.

The Triple Hall Karolina buildings are a link between the centre of Ostrava and the Lower Area of Vítkovice, which will provide future visitors with a pleasant access between these two important public areas.

Tripple Hall is a multi-functional space intended for the general public. It consists of the Double Hall buildings, where it is possible to flexibly use the space for various cultural and social events, and the Central Office building, which people can use for sporting purposes:

The Double Hall concept provides a covered square, where various concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances, fairs, public skating and other social, cultural and sport events may take place. In Double Hall you can hold any event that could be held in an ordinary square, but with a great advantage: thanks to the roof such event is independent of the weather. Double Hall may not only be leased by organisers of big events, but also regular visitors for their private activities.

The Central Office is a separate building used especially for sport. Sportspeople may make use of the two gyms for purely sporting activities (volleyball, badminton, basketball, floorball, etc.). The gyms dispose of sports equipment for the above-mentioned sports and offer modern, functional facilities in a historic but renovated coat. In the gym area there is a sports bar where sportspeople, as well as other visitors, can find an oasis of refreshment.