Korbel: It should be a great publicity for table tennis

Korbel: It should be a great publicity for table tennis

The World and European championships medaillist and fourth player of 1996 Olympics Petr Korbel is one of the ambassadors of World MiniPingPong Festival which will be held in Ostrava.

Former member of Czech national team supports the event as a tool to promote table tennis. "It's exactly the event which can také a lot of attention. I consider it as a great idea," said Korbel. "Of course I hope people will not look at it as on new sport that should somehow compete with the classic table tennis. The tournament should be presented as a great promotion of our sport and offer the opportunity to experience this version of table tennis.“

Petr Korbel

Have you tried mini table tennis before?

Of course I tried it, but just for fun. On the other hand, I think it's not entirely a bad complement for the professional players. They can get a better feeling for the ball. After practicing on mini table for a while it optically changes the view on the large table.

Will the tournament on mini tables be difficult for experienced players?

Definitely yes. They'll have a good touch. Initially, it may seem that the proesionals will lose their advantage. But it is only an illusion. Once a player got the feeling and find out how to play it will turn into something completely different. I mean the difference between professionals and amateurs. But surely they can play each other on mini tables. It will be interesting to see the comparison.

Can people look for some interesting rallies on mini tables?

I would say yes. It will be the same as for large tables. The rally will be shorter, but I believe that there will be couple of matches when the ball will fly over the table and the spectators will enjoy the game. I'm looking forward to the tournament. It will be nice to look at the performance of the participants. I believe that the event will attract a lot of people, especially when part of the tournament will include various exhibitions and shows of table tennis. I still maintain that just as any kid ever kicked a ball they ever tried table tennis. On vacation, at school, with friends somewhere in the garage etc. It's just a sport that everyone can enjoy.